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(I apologize if this shouldn't be in here, but I thought those of you in the Bay Area who weren't on the GBACG e mailing list might want to know about the event. You don't have to be a member to come and it is free of charge.)
Please join the Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild and the Movie Lover's Sewing Circle for our Annual Victorian Costume Clinic; Sunday, October 3rd 4-8 PM

The Costume Clinic is free and open to everyone but there is only room for 20! so we need you to RSVP.

Our experts will be available to answer your questions about patterns, fabrics, accessories and fitting techniques.

Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area

for address please RSVP to Jwlhyfer at gbacg(at)gbacg.org

Bring your swatches, patterns, muslins, accessories, ideas, or finished costumes to share or for advice on clothing for the Victorian Era.

We will have examples of real clothing, costumes, accessories and underpinnings of this period (1840-1870) books and patterns. We will try to have both men and women's clothing of various classes. We'll be focusing primarily on Western Clothing, though we welcome any information you may want to share about other cultures. Remember this is also Civil War Era for the United States, so books and patterns labelled "Civil War" may also be appropriate.

Our Panel of Experts:
Aurie Bradley will share some of her collection of antique clothing with us. Jwlhyfer de Winter will bring a small collection of Mourning Jewellery on display. Shelley Monson will be able to talk to you about fabrics of the period

We will talk about fitting the back of the Victorian bodice and assist you if you need help with your works in progress. We also bring examples and share knowledge of Victorian underpinnings such as corsets, petticoats, crinolines and bloomers. There will be plenty of books, patterns and costumes for you to look at.

Our experts will be available to help you select appropriate fabric, create simple and easy underpinnings, embellish your costume, and look more appropriate for the Great Dickens Xmas Faire or other Reenactments and events of the period.

Creativity is admired and encouraged, and we'll also try to let you know how it was really done. We'll talk about some thrift store, retail and easy solutions for completing your costume as well as more complex researched recreations.

Please see www.gbacg.org and http://www.jwlhyferdewinter.50megs.com/custom2.html for news and updates.

All Costume Clinics are free and open to everyone and are casual, new-comer friendly events. Please bring something for the potluck and your ongoing projects to share with the group.

The GBACG and Costume Clinics
Coming in 2005:

Intro to Media Costuming
Intro to Costume Cons/ Costume Con 23 Costume Clinic
1890's Mini Costume Clinic
Harry Potter Party
Baycon Costume Clinic
3rd Annual Renaissance Costume Clinic
Effigy Corset Roundtable Discussion
3rd Annual Victorian Costume Clinic

Locations TBA. See above for general guidelines. Schedule to be announced

If you want to attend a Costume Clinic, please send an e-mail to GBACG(at)GBACG.org attention: Jwlhyfer de Winter

If you have space for 8 - 20 people, live in the Bay Area, and would like to host a Costume Clinic, please let us know.
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