The Enlightened Optimist (britgeekgrrl) wrote in moulincostumes,
The Enlightened Optimist


This is strictly hypothetical, but is careening closer to reality than I had expected.

S'pose you suddenly found yourself as the Ideas Chica behind doing a Rocky-Horror-ish revival of "Moulin Rouge". S'pose you realized that this means that not only do you need to find your core cast (Satine, the Duke, the Writer, Zidler and Toulouse - the rest is gravy) but you're going to have to costume them - almost certainly out-of-pocket - in order to lure them into committing to the show. S'pose that you're broke.

I'm looking for suggestions for quick-n-dirty MR costuming on the cheap. Formalwear for the guys can be covered by tux rentals - thank god for the recent resurgence of vintage-influenced fashions - and their other costumes I can probably pull together with a combintation of thrifting and sewing. The big headache is, of course, Satine. Some of her outfits I could make, but my skills are only *so* good. I work much faster from commercial patterns than from puzzling out my own - I'm just learning how to block my own patterns at this point, and I'm thinking that Moulin Rouge repros might not be the best first project.

Thank heavens I can already make a passable corset. That much, at least, is covered.

Can any of y'all suggest patterns from which I can work for some of Satine's outfits? Sources of delightfully underpriced fabrics would also be appreciated. Thanks!
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